In 2009, a group of diverse organizations came together to form the Root River Field to Stream Partnership (RRFSP). Three study areas within the Root River Watershed, located in southeast Minnesota, were selected for this special research and demonstration project. The purpose of the project is to evaluate how different agricultural practices affect runoff and the water quality of local rivers and streams.

Together, farmers and project partners are addressing the following key questions:

  • What is the range of sediment and nutrient losses from agricultural fields in southeast Minnesota?
  • How effective are new and existing agricultural conservation practices?
  • What are the long-term trends and relationships between farming practices and water quality?

This is a long-term project with a data collection goal of at least ten years. Information is intended for Southeast Minnesota farmers, their advisors, and soil and water conservation professionals. Information collected will be used for demonstration, education and research purposes.

For more information visit the Minnesota Department of Agriculture‘s project webpage. This webpage has general information about the program as well as monitoring results, data summaries and annual reports.

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